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Pure Wool

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The wool filling fibres go through an innovative process which increases the volume of the fibres, to achieve a bounce back filling product. Dust mites do not live in wool fibres therefore they are perfect for asthma, allergy sufferers and fantastic for baby toys. Wool is Breathable, it wicks moisture away from the body. Wool is sustainable and biodegradable therefore better for our environment. In cushions, pillows and teddy Bears it is fantastically soft, instantly stands out as a quality product. It offers longevity because of the reforming qualities, meaning it does not have to be replaced like polyester, it does not flatten. You just shake your pillow or cushion, no dust and it reshapes totally. Wool improves sleep by lowering the heart rate, so people who sleep in wool achieve a deeper sleep. My children sleep far deeper in wool. Wool is breathable and regulates temperature, therefore fantastic for hot sleepers or epilepsy.
Supplier Stock Code TFW021
Fibre Content Pure Wool
Brand Name Abakhan
Size 250g

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